Dubai in One Day (DXH)- Medical Tourism Package by Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) introduced “Dubai in One Day,” a cutting-edge medical tourism package geared toward patients from outside. The newest health initiative from the DHA, unveiled at Arab Health 2023, intends to make it easier for foreign patients to schedule treatments and use a variety of tourism services quickly. Dubai in One Day … Read more

Qatar Pharmacist License Requirements, Jobs, Salary, Find Job Easily

qatar pharmacy license

Are you a pharmacist looking to work in Qatar? Discover the key requirements for obtaining a professional license and finding the right job in the field. Learn about the education and work experience needed, as well as continuing education requirements to maintain your license. Understand the job market, typical salaries, and how to find the … Read more

Test Day Preparation Tips for UAE Ministry of Health’s medical Prometric exam

Test day preparation is crucial for success on the UAE Ministry of Health’s medical Prometric exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare: Start studying early. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin studying for the exam. Start studying as soon as you can so that you have plenty of time to review … Read more

How to become a Pharmacist in UK; Job finding tips

In this article, you will find all the details needed on how to become a pharmacist in the UK. Other than this we have covered the following topics to help starting Pharmacists in the UK Some tips for Pharmacists in the UK Here are some tips for finding a job as a pharmacist in the … Read more

Norwegian Pharmacy Association – Apotekforeningen

Pharmacist Life in Norway

In order to represent its members’ interests when dealing with the government and other sectors of the economy, the organization was established in 1881. The group includes all of the pharmacies in Norway. Purpose of Norwegian Pharmacy Association – Apotekforeningen The primary objectives of the Norwegian Pharmacy Association ( Apotekforeningen) are to guarantee that pharmacies possess: … Read more

All about Pharmacy Stores in Norway

Working in Norway as a Pharmacist is popular among pharmacists these days yet many people including registered pharmacists don’t know where to start. In this online guide, you will be able to find information on pharmacy chains, and their pharmacy branches in different cities of Norway. In Norway, there is a total of 1032 pharmacies, … Read more

Norway for Pharmacists Career Guide – Exam, Salary Details

Working in Norway as a Pharmacist has been a hot topic for a few years for Pakistani, Indian & Filipino pharmacists. If you are a Pharmacist and don’t know how to apply for a Norway pharmacist license, what will be the fees, what are the documents required? then this guide will help you get all … Read more

Online Training – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) training

If you are a health professional looking to learn more about coronavirus COVID-19. If so you can take advantage of some free resources which are now being shared online. Most of these resources are from health authorities leading in the care and management of health issues online. One such authority managing the coronavirus pandemic has … Read more

Mom as Pharmacist among top 5 professions ruled by women

When we graduate and get a degree in our needed or unwanted field there comes a second step where the real hustle begins – job hunting with career stability. Million get a job but they don’t know how to acquire stability in their daily routines with their perfect jobs. If you are among these people … Read more