Pharmacist MOH UAE Exam Details | Education, Experience Requirements & Pharmacy Speciality Details

If you are a Pharmacist and willing to apply for a Pharmacy license in any of the emirates of United Arab Emirates then you should obtain a Pharmacy license from any of the states in UAE.

Moh UAE is composed of following different entities

  • Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)
  • Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Sharjah Health Authority (SHA)

Below is the guide to help to understand details of very important steps on how to take a Moh UAE Pharmacy license officially. This guide will also help you identify this process including all of the qualifications requirements, educational requirements and criteria, language requirement proficiency and fees structure.




Specialized Pharmacist
صيدلي متخصص

BSc in Pharmacy/PharmD/Doctor of Pharmacy
One (1) year post-graduate qualification in one of the specialties listed in below

Two (2) years of experience post qualification in related field

BSc in Pharmacy/PharmD/Doctor of Pharmacy
American Board in one of the specialties listed in below table

No experience required

Clinical Pharmacist
صيدلي سريري

BSc in Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy Residency program (Minimum two (2) years duration)

No experience required*

PharmD or Doctor of Pharmacy (minimum six (6) years course duration)

Two (2) years experience post qualification in related field with a minimum
of six (6) months in hospital setting

BSc in Pharmacy
Two (2) years post-graduate qualification leading to a PharmD or Doctor of
Pharmacy or master’s in clinical pharmacy


BSc in Pharmacy

Two (2) years of experience post qualification in related field

Doctor of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician
فني الصيدلة

Diploma in Pharmacy program (minimum two (2) years course duration)

Two (2) years of experience post qualification in related field


*In compliance with the Discontinuity of Practice (Gap of Practice) criteria
Experience with pharmaceutical companies or sales representatives is not accepted


Specialty Title

مسمى التخصص

Pharmacist – Compounding pharmacy

صيدلي - التحضيرات الصيدلانية

Pharmacist - Oncology

صيدلي - الأورام

Pharmacist - Cardiology

صيدلي - أمراض القلب

Pharmacist - Critical care

صيدلي - العناية المركزة

Pharmacist - Geriatric

صيدلي - الشيخوخة

Pharmacist - Infectious diseases

صيدلي - الأمراض المعدية

Pharmacist - Nuclear

صيدلي - الصيدلة النووية

Pharmacist - Nutrition support

صيدلي - التغذية العلاجية

Pharmacist - Pediatric

صيدلي - الأطفال

Pharmacist - Pharmacotherapist

صيدلي - العلاج الدوائي

Pharmacist - Psychiatry

صيدلي - الطب النفسي

Pharmacist - Medication Safety

صيدلي - السلامة الدوائية

Pharmacist - Drug information

صيدلي - المعلومات الدوائية

Pharmacist - Ambulatory Care

صيدلي - الرعاية الصحية الخارجية

Pharmacist - Clinical Pharmacology

صيدلي - علم العقاقير الإكلينيكي

Pharmacist - Clinical Toxicology

صيدلي - علم السموم الإكلينيكي

Pharmacists are categorized under Allied Health professionals by Ministry of Health, UAE across all states

Allied Healthcare professionals applying for license must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be graduates from National and/or International recognized colleges/universities.
  • For UAE graduates, the program and university must be accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE/NQA).
    A qualifications can be considered acceptable for the required title if it has been equalized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) or the Commission for
    Academic Accreditation (CAA) as equivalent to the qualification listed in this PQR
  • Higher diploma certificates issued by The Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE will be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree as per MOE standard.
  • Required Bachelor’s degree must be a minimum of three (3) years full-time course duration.
  • Required Master’s or postgraduate qualifications must be a minimum of two (2) years full-time course duration.
    One (1) year duration program can be accepted if attained from one of the following countries Austria, Australia,
    Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherland, New Zealand,
    Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • Master/Ph.D. (In the area of specialty) will reduce one (1) year from the required experience for licensing provided
    that the Master’s/Ph.D. a degree is not mandatory to obtain the selected title.
  • UAE National and Children of Emirati Women allied healthcare graduates of UAE or non-UAE universities are
    exempted from the experience and clinical training requirements for the applied title (Children of Emirati Women
    must submit a copy of their birth certificate and the mother’s family book).
  • Non-UAE national graduate allied healthcare professionals from UAE universities must successfully complete
    six (6) months clinical training post-graduation in an APS health facility (except when no experience is required
    for the title).
  • GCC nationals are required to complete six (6) months clinical training post-graduation in an APS health facility
    (except when no experience is required for the title).
  • Qualifications acquired through honorary nature; correspondence, or distance-learning is not counted towards the
    PQR requirements.
  • Applicants must hold a valid License/Registration to practice in their home country and/or country of last
    employment (where applicable).
  • Assistant allied healthcare professionals cannot work independently and shall work under a licensed Allied Healthcare professional.
  • The academic transcript must be submitted for credentialing purposes in which determination of disciplines shall be applied.

  • In addition to the titles that do not require experience; Allied Healthcare Professionals with a valid license/registration issued by the countries listed in the table below are
    exempted from the required experience, provided that the applicants fulfill the following:

  • The qualification was obtained within the recent two (2) years OR there is no Gap of Practice since the last day of employment.

  • Submit a valid Good Standing Certificate.

  • Complete the Primary Source Verification on qualifications, experience, and license/registration documents.

  • Provide one of the below proof of English language proficiency if the healthcare professional did not complete the university studies in English or if his/her license is issued by a non-English speaking country as mentioned in the list above.
    • TOEFL score of not less than 500
    • IELTS score of not less than 0.5
    • Occupational English Test (OET) of not less than C
    • Cambridge Assessment English score of not less than 169

For more updates for UAE Pharmacy Licensing exam details keep followin this guide. This guide is updated regularly on the basis of udpatd give for Pharmacist and pharmacy specialities from Ministry of Health, UAE.