Are you wondering which medicines need to be refrigerated and which can be stored at room temperature? Or perhaps you’re confused about carrying refrigerated medicines on an aeroplane? Don’t worry!

NHS has launched a tool for refrigerated medicines stability checker. A tool to help you when a medicine gets left out, or someone leaves the door open or to check which medicines need to be refrigerated!

NHS’s Refrigerated Medicines Stability Checker Tool

This tool is accessible online from anywhere, meaning no need to download any application or become a member of any services. This tool is part of the NHS Speciality Pharmacy Services.

On its homepage, you will find a big search box to look for the medicine in question! Let’s suppose it is Ozempic from Novo Nordisk you have lost its leaflet with its packaging in the bin!

Let’s check Ozempic Refrigeration Requirements

Once we type Ozempic to check its refrigerated stability tool presents us with 3 strengths of Ozempic to start our search.

Let’s select the first excursion of the first one Ozempic 1mg/0.74ml solution for injection 3ml pre-filled pens (Novo Nordisk Ltd) and hit the green Search button!

Refrigerated Medicines Stability Checker

The medicine refrigerated stability checker returns with a quick result with the following information

  • Maximum Time
  • Temperature Range For excursion
  • Return to the fridge
  • Use product within the max time for an excursion
Ozempic Refrigeration Requirements

If you’re a regular traveller or a healthcare practitioner looking to compile a list of medicines along with their recommended refrigeration temperature ranges, this tool can assist you in achieving that.

Simply click the plus button to make a list first

Ozempic Refrigeration Requirements

Make your list

list of medications need refrigeration

Once the list is ready, scroll down and Print the list

image 5
print the list of medications need refrigeration

Checklist for Temperature Variations

This checklist is essential for health professionals involved in medicine storage, and medicine dispensing. NHS has also published a detailed article and a checklist on managing medicine temperature variations.

Final Thoughts on Refrigerated Medicine Stability Checker

NHS tools for medicines refrigerated status checker is equally useful for health professionals and medicines users at home or travelling.

Website: NHS refrigerated medicine stability checker

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