DDC Code stands for Dubai Drug Code. It’s a unique code assigned to each drug registered by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). DDC is only used for medicines in the Emirate of Dubai.

The latest DDC list file is updated two times a week and added to the eClaimLink website. This file is locked & can be only downloaded by registered facility users.

It serves several important purposes in the Dubai healthcare system.

Download Latest DDC List

Purposes of DDC codes:

  1. Health insurance claims: DDC codes are used in electronic billing and claims processing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in medication reimbursements.
  2. Drug identification and tracking: DDC codes enable precise identification of drugs, facilitating inventory management, monitoring of drug usage, and tracking of potential safety issues.
  3. Medication safety: DDC codes help prevent medication errors by correctly identifying drugs during prescribing, dispensing, and administration.
  4. Data Analysis & Research: DDC codes are used in research and data analysis related to drug utilization patterns, costs, and outcomes, supporting evidence-based decision-making in healthcare.

All DDC codes are connected and validated through DHPO. DHPO then provides a confirmation or error message to the Payer depending on whether the Member record exists in the DHPO database and if the Member details align with the internal record.

DHPO stands for Dubai Health Post Office.

What does a DDC Code look like? (Structure)

  • Unique identifier: Each DDC code is a unique alphanumeric combination, ensuring accurate identification of individual drugs.
  • Drug information: The code incorporates details such as:
    • Route of administration (e.g., oral, injection)
    • Dosage form (e.g., tablet, capsule)
    • Pack size
    • Medicine Price
    • Manufacturer
    • Registered owner
    • Source (e.g., MOH, DHA, private hospital)

DDC code Registration Process

  • Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities: New drugs or medications not yet on the DDC list can be registered through an application process available in detail online on the eClaimLink site.
  • Weekly Regular updates: The DDC list is updated regularly to reflect changes in drug availability, pricing, and other relevant information.

How DDC codes are used by Dubai Insurance Companies?

  • Healthcare providers: DDC codes are used in prescribing, dispensing, and billing for medications.
  • Health insurance companies: DDC codes are used in processing claims for medications.
  • Researchers: DDC codes can be used in analyzing drug utilization data.
  • DHA Drug List: DDC Codes are an essential component of the official DHA drug list available for all healthcare providers, insurance companies & health professionals.

How to Download the Latest DDC List (2024)

To download the latest DDC file available you need to follow these steps.

  1. Open the eClamLink login website (www.eclaimlink.ae) and enter your username and password
  2. Once signed go to coding sets where all data sets are available
  3. At this step click the Download button to get the latest Excel file of the DDC file.

or Direct link to download DDC List (you must be a registered user)

Currently, there are 25000 records listed in a downloadable excel file.

Incorporating images in Dubai Health Authority (DHA) systems:

  • eClaimLink: This electronic platform for healthcare claims processing in Dubai utilizes DDC codes and may include images of drug packaging or labels for verification purposes.
  • Other systems: The DHA may utilize images in conjunction with DDC codes in other systems to enhance drug identification and safety.

Final thoughts about the DDC List

Remember DDC list is a modern way to integrate medicine billing codes to simplify the process of claims according to international standards. It also creates transparency among healthcare providers, and insurance companies and impacts the economy.

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