Ireland Pharmacy Licensing - A Complete Registeration Procedure

Ireland Pharmacy Practice License
Last year one of my friend was visiting Dublin, Ireland for a Pharmacy Conference hosted by FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation). We were having fun searching for a conference venue, hotels for her online. We were excited for her visit and representation of our organization at an international forum. My friends asked her a lot of questions, aside from all the queries my other friends asked her some quite professional questions about the Ireland Pharmacy Practice but I was more interested to know how a get a pharmacy registrations from the official Ireland pharmacy authority or in simple words how to get a pharmacy license for Ireland and what are the requirements for working over there. But she end up searching more than that. We all are happy! and now I am ready to share it with my readers.

On other hand I searched extensively on some basic information as what it really takes to be a Pharmacist in Ireland? For this purpose I emailed the official authority for Ireland licensing exams for pharmacy with the name PSI (The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, Pharmacy Regulator). My question was a one liner but the information provided by the Ireland Pharmacy Regular was not only extensive it cleared many doubts.

I have also compiled complete information for an International Pharmacist to get Singapore Pharmacy License. It is a step by step procedure. Starting from Step 1 to last Step.

Ireland pharmacy licensing

Before letting you know about the the complete and in-depth procedure to get a Ireland Pharmacy license what are some common questions asked by pharmacist who wish to be on Ireland Pharmacy License. Some of these questions exactly match with the queries asked by my friends. What are Ireland pharmacy hours and salary of a pharmacist,can we get Ireland pharmacy license online? what is the scope and job designations of Ireland pharmacy jobs, Ireland pharmacy schools are open for master level studies, pharmacy license in Ireland is regulated by Ireland pharmacy council or Ireland MOH (Ministry of Health), how to get admission in Ireland pharmacy universities?

How to get a Ireland Pharmacy Registration
Ireland Pharmacy Registration consists of three ways to get a an official license.
  1. National Route - for Pharmacy graduates who are studying inside country and regulated by locals laws for registration and regulation
  2. European Route - EU country candidates can take help from this booklet. It lists all the comprehensive procedure to get registered via EU free movement directives
  3. Third Country Route - All non EU candidates are welcomed via this route. 
What is Third Country Route for Ireland Pharmacy License?
A third country route is designed for all of professionals seeking for Ireland Pharmacy License who belongs to Non-European countries. This is an important step for maintaining the pharmacy standards across Ireland and neighboring countries. European policies are quite conscious about maintaining their standards irrespective of their professional development. This same concept is easily seen in immigration policies as well.

The process for Non-EU qualified pharmacists is to first apply for and gain qualification recognition via the process of Third Country Qualification Recognition. An Information and Explanatory Booklet of
the four stage process.

Please be aware that a minimum of a 5 year bachelor degree program is the minimum conditions of education and training required under this process.  The 5 year course of studies must comprise of at least the following:
  • A minimum of 4 years of full-time academic studies AND
  • A minimum of 6 months practical training in community or hospital pharmacy towards the end of the five years.  This training must be completed under the direct supervision of a tutor pharmacist, in a retail community pharmacy business or a pharmaceutical department of a hospital.  This training must be also undertaken as part of the qualification that you lead you to being entitled to practice as a qualified pharmacist and prior to you being entitled to practice in an independent and unsupervised capacity.
Therefore, applicants initial qualification as a pharmacist must have been at least a 5 year pharmacist qualification that consists of either the following:
  • 4 years academic + 1 year practical training
  • 4 ½ years academic + 6 months practical training
I also wish to refer you to Article 44 of EU Directive 2005/36/EC which outlines further details of the minimum conditions of a qualification to be eligible to apply. Check online access Article 44 of the required directive

You may find also find relevant information here relating to the legislation in place which governs the operation of the Third Country Route . As you will appreciate the PSI must work within the constraints and requirements of the relevant legislation and there is no provision in this legislation to enable the PSI to progress an application for Qualification Recognition which does not meet the minimum criteria outlined.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to be sure their qualification meets the minimum conditions prior to submitting an application.  Unfortunately the PSI cannot engage in pre-determining or pre-empting an outcome of validity or invalidity prior to receiving a formal application.   
To make a valid application for recognition of your qualification as a pharmacist from a Third Country, you are required to:
  • complete the relevant applications forms; direct access link 
  • provide all relevant supporting documentation;
  • pay a non-refundable fee of €1500.00.

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