KAPS is an entrance pharmacy exam for pharmacists to work in Australia. Pharmacists worldwide are invited to pass this exam and start working in Australian Pharmacy as full-time pharmacists.

KAPS exam stands for The Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Australian Pharmacy Council is the official government body, that takes this exam. From eligibility requirements to credentials, validation is done by the council.

Before booking the exam, Pharmacists must provide eligibility to sit in the exam with degree validation.

Once the KAPS exam is booked candidate needs to attend the exam at a physical exam centre and it is not a self-taking online exam.

Kaps Exams is also termed as Australian Skills Assessment. Ensure you are familiar with this term as it will help you understand your job application process.

Kaps Exam Procedure

KAPS Exam Centres List in 2024

KAPS exam is an online exam and it can be booked from anywhere in the world,

Pharmacists taking the KAPS exam are mostly from the following countries. Please find a compiled list of KAPS exam test centres in your country. The list is compiled from the official source list from the Australian Pharmacy Council.

  • Bangalore City
  • Chennai City
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai (Bombay)
  • New Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Pune City
  • Noida
  • Kerala
  • Dubai – Business Bay
  • Abudhabi
  • Lahore – 3 Exam centres
  • Karachi – 1 Exam centre
  • Islamabad – 1 Exam centre
  • Cairo
  • Alexandria
  • Auckland
  • Wellington

KAPS Exam Dates in 2024 – New Updates

The exam is conducted 3 times every year in all test centres worldwide. This exam is a computer-based online exam.

  • 4th till 6th March 2024 – Exams are taken
  • 15th till 17th July 2024 – Next Kaps Exam (almost 1 month & 15 days are left)
  • 25 – 27 November 2024
  • 28 November – 5 February 2024 – Registrations Closed
  • 26 March – 11 June 2024 – Registerations are Open (Online)
  • 6 August – 14 October 2024 – Yet to Open
  • 19 March 2024 – Results Announced
  • 30 July 2024
  • 10 December 2024

KAPS Exam Fees – 2024 Updated Fees

Kaps fees were revised last month (March 2024).

CurrencyEligibility Check FeesKaps Exam Registration Fees
Latest fees concersionss

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How long should you study for the KAPS Exam?

Ideally, it is recommended you choose a 3-month study route. The reason behind the syllabus of exams is extensive. Bonus Tip: Dedicate the last 2 weeks to critical parts of the test.

When KAPS Exam Results are announced?

The latest KAPS Exam results will be announced on 18th March 2024. This exam was taken in the first week of March 2024.

Finally, before starting the KAPS exam journey, you should be clear about finances and study time. We wish you the best of luck for your KAPS Exam Journey. We recommend preparing for the exam in 3 months.

Article Source

Australian Pharmacy Council


  1. Hi, I am currently living in New Zealand and planning to apply for skills assessment with NZ Pharmacy Council and take KAPS here. If I pass KAPS here and decide to move to Australia and do my internship, do I need to redo my skills assessment with APC? Or is it better to do my internship and get registered in NZ before moving to Australia? TIA.

    1. Hi Vishal,

      Here’s the breakdown of your situation regarding skills assessment and registration for Pharmacy in New Zealand (NZ) and Australia (AU):

      Current Situation:

      You are in NZ and want to get registered as a pharmacist in Australia.

      New Zealand KAPS and Skills Assessment:

      Passing KAPS in NZ is a step towards registration with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.
      However, this NZ KAPS and skills assessment won’t directly translate to registration in Australia.


      Register in NZ First:
      This might be a better approach.
      Get registered as a pharmacist in NZ after passing KAPS and completing any additional requirements by Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.
      With an active NZ registration, you can apply for a “New Zealand Registered Pharmacist Stream” skills assessment with the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC). This stream has a lower eligibility check fee and may be faster.

      Skills Assessment with APC directly:
      You can apply for a skills assessment directly with APC through their “Knowledge Stream.” This requires passing their KAPS exam (which is the same as the NZ KAPS offered by APC).
      The benefit is going straight for the Australian registration process.
      The downside is a higher fee for the initial eligibility check and a separate fee for the KAPS exam.

      Important Points:

      Regardless of the chosen path (NZ or AU first), you’ll likely need to complete an internship in the respective country to fulfill registration requirements.

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