Have you ever wondered when you can check medicine prices instantly from WhatsApp? You are lucky!

UAE has launched a new innovative service for all residents where they can find authentic information about medicines officially registered in the country.

Which information is available?

  • its name,
  • active components,
  • pharmaceutical presentation,
  • available package sizes within the nation,
  • and the retail price

This service is online and can be accessed easily via WhatsApp by simply a message.

NHS (UK) has also launched a new online tool to check refrigerated medication temperature for all FDA-listed medicines.

How to check the medicines directory on WhatsApp?

  1. Step one: send a message to 0097142301221

You will be greeted by Virtual Assistant Maryam.

WhatsApp Image 2023 10 22 at 10.08.37 AM

2. Step Two: Select Drug Directory from View Services

moh uae medicine directory on whatsapp

Next, it will ask you to name your medicine in English.

To choose another drug, please type the drug number or name in English or type End

whatsapp uae medicine directory medicine name english

We tried this with the medicine Ozempic. As Ozempic has 3 strengths available it asks for which strength we are interested to know more about!

medication directory UAE DUBAI online whatsapp

We replied with the number 1. The reply was very quick and accurate

uae medication directory on whatsapp online

Final Thoughts on UAE Medicine Directory on Whatsapp

This is one of the amazing services launched by the Ministry of Health & Prevention. It will help not only common men but will also be helpful for medical professionals.

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