From EBOLA to DHA News: Health News Roundup

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EBOLA in UAE - Internationally EBOLA is creating havoc. But in UAE this issue was handled quite professionally. In early October some passengers were isolated for a checkup so that they don't pose a threat to others and in spread of the disease and they can get treated at right time as well. So good news is all of the passengers were declared EBOLA free. DHA conducted necessary medical tests endorsed by World Health Organisation. All precautionary ways were adopted by health authority to confirm passengers are free of EBOLA before the discharge.

Breast Cancer Awareness with a Guinness World Record - While internationally many NGOs are working towards the awareness of Breast Cancer and its prevention. A new Guinness World Record has been achieved by VPS Healthcare for one of the largest but simultaneous seld-examination for breast cancer with around 971 women participated in Abu Dhabi this week. VPS Healthcare is an integrated solutions with hospitals and chain of clinics.

DHA Initiative for ElderlyDHA has recently launched Mohammad Bin Rashid initiative for elderly people. Their care, health awareness, healthy ageing issues and focusing on the importance of regular health screenings.
It was a four day campaign which was organised with Dubai Ruler's Office. This campaign was rolled out to all six majlises from Jumeirah to Al Hamriya.

Geriatricians also educated elderly about daily rehabilitation excercises. DHA is already operating primary health care centres to prevent geriatric from fall, osteoprosis in their clinics. While Rashid Hospital has full dedicated department for elderly population.

Tele-medicine service from Mubadala - While among other efforts UAE towards healthier residents. Another quite efficient service was started by Mubadala which will provide health information and give advice to eligible patients. A patient can call toll free number  800-4959 to ask for health advice for free. This was inspired by the International standards in Telemedicine where other 85 countries are taking care of their residents with a similar services.

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Singapore Pharmacy Licensing for International Pharmacists

Singapore Pharmacy Licensing for Pharmacist is governed by Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC). It is extensively governed by the Ministry of Health Singapore, Moh Singapore. Both bodies are working tirelessly for the betterment of Pharmacy Profession in the region by working on the basic pharmacy structure and more importantly on the continued education of Pharmacist itself.

Road to be a Pharmacist in Singapore starts from the website of MOH Singapore. You can find a separate section for Foreign trained Pharmacists and the complete procedure to get Singapore Pharmacist License.

Any who is willing to work in Singapore should comply with the requirements set by the Singapore Pharmacist Council (SPC) which includes
  • Candidate applying must obtain Pharmacy degree from these universities only. In short they are only accepting students from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, United States of America, Ireland, New Zealand only. 
  • Candidate must have a job offer letter to initiate a procedure of registration.That job offer letter must be with SPC approved training centers only. Full list of SPC approved training centers.
Documents Requirements for Singapore Pharmacy License
Here are all the documents which will be needed by a candidate to submit to SPC for a license. All original documents must be verified by the SPC Secretariat before an application is sent to the Registrar. Application is approved according to the decision of the council. A time period of 5 to 7 days (working) should be allowed for the process of approval from the registrar and processing, in order to star the pr-registration training.
  • Original pharmacy qualification transcript along with the Letter of verification on period of pharmacy study will be directly submitted from the university of pharmacy where candidate has complete the studies.
  • Original Letter of Good Standing will be submitted directly from foreign registration authority of the country of originality of the candidate
  • Personal Identification document
  • Registration certificate with accepted foreign registration authority
  • Pharmacist registration evidence status with accepted foreign authority.
  • Degree scroll or basic pharmacy qualification
  • Job offer letter for pre-registration training position from SPC-approved training institution.
  • Testimonials which will be original. These should not date back more than 6 months ago from date of application from at-least last 2 employers.
  • Curriculum Vitae (original) mentioning all relevant education details and work experience details
  • Duly signed Pre-Req application form by preceptor and pharmacy manager
  • English proficiency evidence. This requirement is only for those candidates which studied pharmacy other than UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Check full list Pharmacy Universities allowed to send their candidates for Singapore Pharmacy Registration. 
Moreover, 1 day before appointment should be with SPC for pre-registration.

For documents to be sent directly to SPC via normal mail, please send to:
SINGAPORE PHARMACY COUNCIL College of Medicine Building 16 College Road #01-01 Singapore 169854

For documents to be sent directly to SPC via registered mail or couriered services, please send to: SINGAPORE PHARMACY COUNCIL 81 Kim Keat Road NKF Centre, Level 9 Singapore 328836 Tel: (65) 6478 5068 Fax: (65) 6478 5069

Approval of an application is dependent on Council's decision. An applicant should allow 5 to 7 working days for processing and prior approval letter from Registrar which will be issues to them before they can start their pre-registration training.

Pre-Registration Approval
If a candidate got pre-registration approval he can start training in the approved training centers. Training period will be from 3 months to 12 months.

Applicant have to take test a compulsory test of Forensic Examination relating to Pharmacy Laws of Singapore and Competency Exam for Assessment

Forensic exams are conducted 3 times a year. Upcoming Singapore Pharmacy Law exams will be help on following dates
  • 11 November 2014
  • 28 April 2015
  • 3 August 2015
  • 2 November 2015
Fees for the compulsory Singapore pharmacy forensic or law exam will be S$300.

An examination should be taken with SPC and an application should be submitted with application form and payment at least 2 weeks before examination date.

Passing marks for Forensic Exam are 60.

Singapore Competency Examinations / Assessments
These exams are conducted 4 times a year. Upcoming exams will be conducted on following dates
  • 1 September 2014 
  • 1 December 2014 
  • 9 February 2015 
  • 8 June 2015 
  • 7 September 2015 
  • 7 December 2015
Exam date for pharmacy examination / assessment exam with SPC should be booked. Application form will be submitted at least 2 weeks before examination / assessment date. Note upto now there is no oversees centers for these examinations or assessments.

Once two of these exams Forensic Examination and fulfilling criteria for pre-registration applicant may now apply for conditional registration to Council office. Application should be submitted with following documents
Pre-Registration Pharmacists Evaluation Summary Form
Application for Registration Form with Registration feed of S$250
Notification of Forensic Examination passing result conducted by SPC
Singapore Pharmacy Practicing Certificate Application Form and application feed of S$500.

If approved by Registrar, a conditional registration certificate will be issues by council to applicant.
The applicant can now start work as pharmacist under Conditional Registration with approved institution or company.

Conditions which rule to the Practise for Pharmacists on Conditional Registration

  • Restricted to practice in SPC special areas. 
  • Supervisory Framework by registered pharmacist with minimum of 3 years working experience.
  • Could be pharmacist-in-charge but subject to Supervisory Framework.

After its completion of conditional registration applicant may now apply for Full Registration.
Congratulations. Finally!

Good luck for your process of Singapore Pharmacy License where you will not only be satisfied but you will gain experience and give value to your degree. You will be amazed by the advancement in health industry in Singapore.Although all these conditions, procedures seem difficult but you will excel with these to become a top notch Pharmacist.

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Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH

So you have got your DHA eligibility letter after passing the exam! Congratulations and welcome to Dubai. Being a DHA passed candidate now you have to get a job first to secure your future and support your other requirements i.e. just like conversion of your license to HAAD or MOH.
Recently we were updating our friends about the new process of unification of licenses in UAE and how to make full use of it. Some of the new DHA passed candidates are asking how to convert DHA Eligibility letter to HAAD or MOH. So we have decided to provide some information regarding this question in a concise and proper manner. Because on internet there are many rumors, non confirmed news revolving around to only confuse your and provoking you for a wrong step.

New candidates can checkout how to get DHA license for your medical specialty by reading this help article.

We recommend everyone specially DHA passed candidates to clear all the confusions by simply calling the DHA number which is 800-DHA. We are not in any way linked with MOH, HAAD or DHA.

Process to Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH
The process is same as we have explained in detail in this article. But for now we assume that you have recently passed your DHA and got your Eligibility letter in your email.

What is a DHA Eligibility Letter?
It is a confirmation that you have passed your DHA Licensing exam and you can be appointed on a job within Dubai. Make sure you understand this statement as many people ask how can you work with DHA in Abu Dhabhi and other states of UAE. So this letter is the confirmation and authorization that you can work in Dubai only.

To find a job you can search online portals, newspapers, mobile apps specially advertised jobs for DHA passed candidates. Or you can also create an advert for yourself to get a job explaining your skills but this way is not highly recommended. Although you can try some special keywords to find job more easily, so you can try these DHA dubai jobs, dha passed pharmacist jobs, dha nursing jobs etc

What next towards HAAD or MOH license conversion?
Now you have to activate your current license with the eligibility letter. For this you have to upload following documents and pay a fees of 1010 aed online with credit card.

  • Labor Card or Job Offer Letter
  • Malpractice Insurance Letter
  • Fees 1010 aed
These documents are given by your company when you are selected for a job. Some companies in UAE have a different way to do it to make it easy for new employee. They ask for your login ID and password and they do the rest of the stuff for you

When you get your DHA License which is posted by Zajeel mail on a address provided by you. Now you are ready to get your license convert to HAAD / MOH.

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How to Convert or Transfer DHA License to HAAD?

We all know about the unification of Medical licenses in UAE was finalized and started this year. It is a good news for medical professionals about the Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). It is an agreement signed where a medical professional will be able to convert or transfer medical license from one issuing authority to another. i.e. like from DHA to HAAD etc. In a nutshell this change is to revive the recognition of medical licenses of health care professionals across the region.

Things are getting simpler but still some questions are asked on how to convert DHA license to HAAD, where to start the conversion process? what are the requirements for transfer of license, what is the fees, how many days are needed to complete this whole process of transfer?. You will find the answers of these questions as we are providing this information to those who can get benefit from this memorandum.

Things to remember first
This step is quite important before you start the procedure to convert DHA License to HAAD. As you can't start your procedure just after passing your DHA Exam. First you have to be on a job with DHA License. Secondly, you should spend at least 6 months on the job. And fulfill the requirements needed for the transfer.

Step by Step Procedure

First your would need a Good Standing certificate. It will cost 510 aed for normal process and it is available from your DHA account. If you need it urgent fees will be 1010 aed ( 2 -3 working days). Payment is done online and using a credit card.

  • Create account on Data Flow HAAD section  ( Fill up the profile and upload all necessary documents required. 
  • You should have your data flow report from DHA which is available in DHA account under the section of PSV. If you don't have this report you can always request it by sending an email to
  • If you don't have any sponsor upto now you can simply put in self-applicant. Process will be quite simple if you have you have a sponsor at this stage.
  • Now you should expect a Payment notification from HAAD Data Flow. As you have PSV report with you already, you can send them back your PSV report to their email and wait for the next step
  • As a next step HAAD will send you an email with your login details and direct link to HAAD website. Now login with the details sent to you into the online HAAD portal. Now upload and fill up again all necessary documents needed. Wait for their email or you can always check the status of application submitted in your HAAD account

We have tried our best to get you through the process to convert DHA License to HAAD license easily. Even if you need our assitance and any help at any stage you can always contact us for helping you our to transfer your DHA license to HAAD license easily.

This process to convert DHA license to HAAD is more or less similar for most of the medical fields including Pharmacists, Assistant Pharmacists, Nursing, Radiologists, Dentists etc. Since this DHA and HAAD agreement things are getting simpler. It will open doors for more jobs in recent future. Many candidates and health professionals also wish to unify the examination process of DHA, HAAD and MOH Uae.

HAAD stands for Health Authority of Abu Dhabi; DHA stands for Dubai Health Authority; Data Flow is a third party hired by MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA for verification of your documents from their original issuers; PSV stands for primary source verification; 

Ireland Pharmacy Licensing - A Complete Registeration Procedure

Ireland Pharmacy Practice License
Last year one of my friend was visiting Dublin, Ireland for a Pharmacy Conference hosted by FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation). We were having fun searching for a conference venue, hotels for her online. We were excited for her visit and representation of our organization at an international forum. My friends asked her a lot of questions, aside from all the queries my other friends asked her some quite professional questions about the Ireland Pharmacy Practice but I was more interested to know how a get a pharmacy registrations from the official Ireland pharmacy authority or in simple words how to get a pharmacy license for Ireland and what are the requirements for working over there. But she end up searching more than that. We all are happy! and now I am ready to share it with my readers.

On other hand I searched extensively on some basic information as what it really takes to be a Pharmacist in Ireland? For this purpose I emailed the official authority for Ireland licensing exams for pharmacy with the name PSI (The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, Pharmacy Regulator). My question was a one liner but the information provided by the Ireland Pharmacy Regular was not only extensive it cleared many doubts.

I have also compiled complete information for an International Pharmacist to get Singapore Pharmacy License. It is a step by step procedure. Starting from Step 1 to last Step.

Ireland pharmacy licensing

Before letting you know about the the complete and in-depth procedure to get a Ireland Pharmacy license what are some common questions asked by pharmacist who wish to be on Ireland Pharmacy License. Some of these questions exactly match with the queries asked by my friends. What are Ireland pharmacy hours and salary of a pharmacist,can we get Ireland pharmacy license online? what is the scope and job designations of Ireland pharmacy jobs, Ireland pharmacy schools are open for master level studies, pharmacy license in Ireland is regulated by Ireland pharmacy council or Ireland MOH (Ministry of Health), how to get admission in Ireland pharmacy universities?

How to get a Ireland Pharmacy Registration
Ireland Pharmacy Registration consists of three ways to get a an official license.
  1. National Route - for Pharmacy graduates who are studying inside country and regulated by locals laws for registration and regulation
  2. European Route - EU country candidates can take help from this booklet. It lists all the comprehensive procedure to get registered via EU free movement directives
  3. Third Country Route - All non EU candidates are welcomed via this route. 
What is Third Country Route for Ireland Pharmacy License?
A third country route is designed for all of professionals seeking for Ireland Pharmacy License who belongs to Non-European countries. This is an important step for maintaining the pharmacy standards across Ireland and neighboring countries. European policies are quite conscious about maintaining their standards irrespective of their professional development. This same concept is easily seen in immigration policies as well.

The process for Non-EU qualified pharmacists is to first apply for and gain qualification recognition via the process of Third Country Qualification Recognition. An Information and Explanatory Booklet of
the four stage process.

Please be aware that a minimum of a 5 year bachelor degree program is the minimum conditions of education and training required under this process.  The 5 year course of studies must comprise of at least the following:
  • A minimum of 4 years of full-time academic studies AND
  • A minimum of 6 months practical training in community or hospital pharmacy towards the end of the five years.  This training must be completed under the direct supervision of a tutor pharmacist, in a retail community pharmacy business or a pharmaceutical department of a hospital.  This training must be also undertaken as part of the qualification that you lead you to being entitled to practice as a qualified pharmacist and prior to you being entitled to practice in an independent and unsupervised capacity.
Therefore, applicants initial qualification as a pharmacist must have been at least a 5 year pharmacist qualification that consists of either the following:
  • 4 years academic + 1 year practical training
  • 4 ½ years academic + 6 months practical training
I also wish to refer you to Article 44 of EU Directive 2005/36/EC which outlines further details of the minimum conditions of a qualification to be eligible to apply. Check online access Article 44 of the required directive

You may find also find relevant information here relating to the legislation in place which governs the operation of the Third Country Route . As you will appreciate the PSI must work within the constraints and requirements of the relevant legislation and there is no provision in this legislation to enable the PSI to progress an application for Qualification Recognition which does not meet the minimum criteria outlined.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to be sure their qualification meets the minimum conditions prior to submitting an application.  Unfortunately the PSI cannot engage in pre-determining or pre-empting an outcome of validity or invalidity prior to receiving a formal application.   
To make a valid application for recognition of your qualification as a pharmacist from a Third Country, you are required to:
  • complete the relevant applications forms; direct access link 
  • provide all relevant supporting documentation;
  • pay a non-refundable fee of €1500.00.

Help and Questions?
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