Earn CME Credit Points for Health License Online FREE

Being a Health professional you must have heard about the Continuing Professional Development or Continuing Medical Education (CPD/CME). After you get a professional degree or qualification CME points will help you to upgrade your knowledge regarding your profession.

All over the world now health authorities are making CME points as mandatory requirement to maintain your professional license. Almost all specialties are required to go through this process these days. Professionals included Pharmacists, Nurses, Midwives, General Practitioners, Radiologists, Dentists, etc

CME points refers to the hours which are required to be fulfilled to complete the requirements. Many courses are designed accordingly to deliver the knowledge in set time. These updated knowledge is then used to raise the standards of medical service in a medical setting.

For example: Dubai Health Authority requires 20 CME points hours for renewal of Pharmacy License every year. Arizona requires an average of 40 hours of CME points every two years.

How to Earn CME points Online

CME points can be earned online by taking the ongoing educational briefs provided by the website. In most cases you have to check CME points are provided online are free or they cost some dimes. Basically educational websites are developing these courses with help of professionals so they are keen to charge you some amount but not always, so most of the times you will be charged for the membership fees mainly. However, some websites also charge for every CME or sometimes for certain types of CME activities only.

CME Points/Hours Accredited bodies
Here are some of the licensed bodies which help you to update your knowledge through earning CME points easily and effectively. 
  • Educational Agencies - which are responsible for medical knowledge development.
  • Hospitals - medical professionals often design CME points based on their own professional experiences.
  • Educational Institutes - these are the institutes those who award professional degrees
  • Online websites - this is a new trend. Websites being accredited with regular licensing bodies to process medical information which is authentic and reliable. Its not a surprise if they create CME points lectures for professionals.
  1. Medscape.com
  2. Cleveland Clinic - clevelandclinicmeded.com
  3. BMJ Learning free CME for Healthcare professionals - http://bmjlearning.com
  4. Free CME Points Award website - freecme.com
  5. CME Points award List - cmelist.com
  6. Nursing CME http://www.nursingceu.com 
  7. Continuing Education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians - http://powerpak.com
  8. Nursing Knowldge Center - http://www.nursingworld.org/ce/
  9. ArcMesa Educators - http://www.arcmesa.org
  10. Where the Dental Community Lives! - http://www.dentaltown.com
  11. RxInsider Connecting Pharmacy Community - http://www.rxinsider.com
  12. PharmAce - Online Pharmacy Technician Career Guide - http://www.pharmace.com 

Disclaimer: We don't have any participation or partnership with any of these CME Points awarding bodies or links published in this article.

Top Successful Tips to Get a Job Quickly

Check out these tips and simple steps if you are looking towards a new healthcare job or want to switch your existing job to something better.

These simple steps will make you successful if you are consistent. Which means if you are happy with your job but still you want to switch or have plans to switch next year or next quarter you should be doing these simple things to get knowledge about the market.

After all it will help you out to stand differently with strong competition.

If you are new and willing to apply to a new job opening. Think and act from the first step to grab the job by doing everything right.

1. Make a Good Resume

Your resume is an insight of everything about you. It will answer all questions about your work, experience your studies, your skills etc. Basically, it will make your pre-image in front of your future employer. So instead of just fulfilling the requirement of dropping a resume make your resume strong enough to convince HR department about you. Now it's up to what you want to be in front of them. As it is how you sell yourself better than others.

2. Posting your resume correctly

You have done all hard work in making a good resume. Now make sure your resume can be easily found and easily searched.

 Upload your resume to online networks by renaming the file properly plus using accurate and relevant keywords. Keywords are one of the latest ways of finding information so where ever necessary use proper words as keywords.

3. Job Alerts

Try to catch all new job opening updates in all possible ways. All job websites now offer free email job alerts based on skills sets, interests, profession and areas of expertise. So subscribe for this option for free and they will send your all the information as soon as it is available. Also don't forget the relevant jobs sections where you can find similar jobs while searching for the desired job online.

Social media updates of some job portals also handy for getting insights about new openings in a region or for a particular area of interest.

4. Make Use of Social Media Services

Behave online like a professional. Ask questions on official pages of companies by sending them a private message, an email or ask permission first to inquire about preliminary questions. Instead of asking everything within the tiny box of comments sections.

Make your online presence decent, professional so that if you are searched on Social networks you appear as acceptable.

5. Rock the Interview

Before going for an interview, try to read and research a lost about the company profile. Google it, simply. Moreover, you should be updated on market news, new trends. Go through and practice some common interview questions. If you are applying for healthcare job try searching special interview questions for that category. i.e interview questions for healthcare jobs. Then search again with your profession. Common questions for Nursing Jobs.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Pharmacy as a Career

Are you interested to become a Pharmacist and seeking information about becoming a Pharmacist then this is the perfect place to start.

Spending more than 10 years in pharmacy field as pharmacist including hospital pharmacist, retail pharmacist, medicine manufacturing (Industrial side of pharmacy) as well holding position as consultant pharmacist has given me quite a clear understanding of pharmacy career, its starting programs and what it really takes to become a Pharmacist.

According to a recent survey, 37% pharmacist were seen somewhat satisfied by their selection of Pharmacy as future career. Where final results reflected the most easily recognizable perception of community pharmacy was changing while hospital and industrial area was tagged as competitive and researched base. More people wanted to be community pharmacist followed by hospital pharmacy.

Pharmacist in beginning
You will need to make a decision as to what type of pharmacist you want to be. Whole pharmacy field can be divided into four main branches.
  • Those who care
  • Those who sale
  • Those who prepare
  • Those who make pharmacists
Those Who Care
These kind of pharmacist are available in hospital and clinical settings. They receive prescriptions either online or manual written on piece of paper for an ill patient. Where they are challenged to justify these medicines according to the condition of patient, long time benefits, disadvantages and some other deep pharmacy science. Including checking interactions of medicines with each other if taken together, or with food or sometimes some active ingredients are not suitable for specific race (scientifically) and they are more prone to some danger.

Caring Pharmacists from third world countries try to be an expat in other countries and mostly looks forwards to opportunities by simply obtaining a foreign pharmacy license. Majority prefer UAE.

Those Who Sale
These people are found in either medical stores in third world countries, Pharmacies in first world countries and as medical representatives. All of them in one way or another are pushing items of their sale target to doctors (in third world countries only)  or in retail they prefer to sale more to rich customers. Those who stand in shops, medical store or pharmacy they provide medicines to people for their betterment.

Internationally there are lot opportunities available for a Pharmacist to work as Retail Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist or seek a good salary pharmacist jobs.

Those Who Prepare
These are quite artistic kind of people and are mostly found in multinational firms manufacturing big batches of medicines. But initially you will see them taking more interest in laboratories during pharmacy programs. They are called somewhat experts in understanding chemical reactions. In contrast to this expertness many of them end up in following some specific recipes of products from a SOP in a MNC firm. Only few found their ways towards Research and Development Department where every expert needs to work.

Those Who Train
By teaching, educating, grooming them as real pharmacists. Have you ever seen people being surprise to see you pronouncing so much difficult names while you take a second to show off your skills. Well this is what your teachers do and they are basically pharmacists themselves.

Although all of these designations comes with high and lows affected by ground realities. But you will mostly listen people tagging you as person who just wanted to do something in medicine or simply some will not hesitate to let you know that you was once ditched medical school.

From EBOLA to DHA News: Health News Roundup

Glad to see you guys reading this. Because this is the first time we are compiling some news updates for our health care professionals so that they don't miss anything. We are focusing International. Yes, this is a new section this website because we are planning more than normal news stuff for our readers.

Don't forget to share our website with your friends, colleagues so that they can also get updates on regular basis.

EBOLA in UAE - Internationally EBOLA is creating havoc. But in UAE this issue was handled quite professionally. In early October some passengers were isolated for a checkup so that they don't pose a threat to others and in spread of the disease and they can get treated at right time as well. So good news is all of the passengers were declared EBOLA free. DHA conducted necessary medical tests endorsed by World Health Organisation. All precautionary ways were adopted by health authority to confirm passengers are free of EBOLA before the discharge.

Breast Cancer Awareness with a Guinness World Record - While internationally many NGOs are working towards the awareness of Breast Cancer and its prevention. A new Guinness World Record has been achieved by VPS Healthcare for one of the largest but simultaneous seld-examination for breast cancer with around 971 women participated in Abu Dhabi this week. VPS Healthcare is an integrated solutions with hospitals and chain of clinics.

DHA Initiative for ElderlyDHA has recently launched Mohammad Bin Rashid initiative for elderly people. Their care, health awareness, healthy ageing issues and focusing on the importance of regular health screenings.
It was a four day campaign which was organised with Dubai Ruler's Office. This campaign was rolled out to all six majlises from Jumeirah to Al Hamriya.

Geriatricians also educated elderly about daily rehabilitation excercises. DHA is already operating primary health care centres to prevent geriatric from fall, osteoprosis in their clinics. While Rashid Hospital has full dedicated department for elderly population.

Tele-medicine service from Mubadala - While among other efforts UAE towards healthier residents. Another quite efficient service was started by Mubadala which will provide health information and give advice to eligible patients. A patient can call toll free number  800-4959 to ask for health advice for free. This was inspired by the International standards in Telemedicine where other 85 countries are taking care of their residents with a similar services.

I hope this round up will be helpful for you. We need suggestions at this moment to serve you better. We also welcome team members who would like to work with us. You can contact us through our contact page or simply drop a message on our facebook page.

Singapore Pharmacy Licensing for International Pharmacists

Singapore Pharmacy Licensing for Pharmacist is governed by Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC). It is extensively governed by the Ministry of Health Singapore, Moh Singapore. Both bodies are working tirelessly for the betterment of Pharmacy Profession in the region by working on the basic pharmacy structure and more importantly on the continued education of Pharmacist itself.

Road to be a Pharmacist in Singapore starts from the website of MOH Singapore. You can find a separate section for Foreign trained Pharmacists and the complete procedure to get Singapore Pharmacist License.

Any who is willing to work in Singapore should comply with the requirements set by the Singapore Pharmacist Council (SPC) which includes
  • Candidate applying must obtain Pharmacy degree from these universities only. In short they are only accepting students from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, United States of America, Ireland, New Zealand only. 
  • Candidate must have a job offer letter to initiate a procedure of registration.That job offer letter must be with SPC approved training centers only. Full list of SPC approved training centers.
Documents Requirements for Singapore Pharmacy License
Here are all the documents which will be needed by a candidate to submit to SPC for a license. All original documents must be verified by the SPC Secretariat before an application is sent to the Registrar. Application is approved according to the decision of the council. A time period of 5 to 7 days (working) should be allowed for the process of approval from the registrar and processing, in order to star the pr-registration training.
  • Original pharmacy qualification transcript along with the Letter of verification on period of pharmacy study will be directly submitted from the university of pharmacy where candidate has complete the studies.
  • Original Letter of Good Standing will be submitted directly from foreign registration authority of the country of originality of the candidate
  • Personal Identification document
  • Registration certificate with accepted foreign registration authority
  • Pharmacist registration evidence status with accepted foreign authority.
  • Degree scroll or basic pharmacy qualification
  • Job offer letter for pre-registration training position from SPC-approved training institution.
  • Testimonials which will be original. These should not date back more than 6 months ago from date of application from at-least last 2 employers.
  • Curriculum Vitae (original) mentioning all relevant education details and work experience details
  • Duly signed Pre-Req application form by preceptor and pharmacy manager
  • English proficiency evidence. This requirement is only for those candidates which studied pharmacy other than UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Check full list Pharmacy Universities allowed to send their candidates for Singapore Pharmacy Registration. 
Moreover, 1 day before appointment should be with SPC for pre-registration.

For documents to be sent directly to SPC via normal mail, please send to:
SINGAPORE PHARMACY COUNCIL College of Medicine Building 16 College Road #01-01 Singapore 169854

For documents to be sent directly to SPC via registered mail or couriered services, please send to: SINGAPORE PHARMACY COUNCIL 81 Kim Keat Road NKF Centre, Level 9 Singapore 328836 Tel: (65) 6478 5068 Fax: (65) 6478 5069

Approval of an application is dependent on Council's decision. An applicant should allow 5 to 7 working days for processing and prior approval letter from Registrar which will be issues to them before they can start their pre-registration training.

Pre-Registration Approval
If a candidate got pre-registration approval he can start training in the approved training centers. Training period will be from 3 months to 12 months.

Applicant have to take test a compulsory test of Forensic Examination relating to Pharmacy Laws of Singapore and Competency Exam for Assessment

Forensic exams are conducted 3 times a year. Upcoming Singapore Pharmacy Law exams will be help on following dates
  • 11 November 2014
  • 28 April 2015
  • 3 August 2015
  • 2 November 2015
Fees for the compulsory Singapore pharmacy forensic or law exam will be S$300.

An examination should be taken with SPC and an application should be submitted with application form and payment at least 2 weeks before examination date.

Passing marks for Forensic Exam are 60.

Singapore Competency Examinations / Assessments
These exams are conducted 4 times a year. Upcoming exams will be conducted on following dates
  • 1 September 2014 
  • 1 December 2014 
  • 9 February 2015 
  • 8 June 2015 
  • 7 September 2015 
  • 7 December 2015
Exam date for pharmacy examination / assessment exam with SPC should be booked. Application form will be submitted at least 2 weeks before examination / assessment date. Note upto now there is no oversees centers for these examinations or assessments.

Once two of these exams Forensic Examination and fulfilling criteria for pre-registration applicant may now apply for conditional registration to Council office. Application should be submitted with following documents
Pre-Registration Pharmacists Evaluation Summary Form
Application for Registration Form with Registration feed of S$250
Notification of Forensic Examination passing result conducted by SPC
Singapore Pharmacy Practicing Certificate Application Form and application feed of S$500.

If approved by Registrar, a conditional registration certificate will be issues by council to applicant.
The applicant can now start work as pharmacist under Conditional Registration with approved institution or company.

Conditions which rule to the Practise for Pharmacists on Conditional Registration

  • Restricted to practice in SPC special areas. 
  • Supervisory Framework by registered pharmacist with minimum of 3 years working experience.
  • Could be pharmacist-in-charge but subject to Supervisory Framework.

After its completion of conditional registration applicant may now apply for Full Registration.
Congratulations. Finally!

Good luck for your process of Singapore Pharmacy License where you will not only be satisfied but you will gain experience and give value to your degree. You will be amazed by the advancement in health industry in Singapore.Although all these conditions, procedures seem difficult but you will excel with these to become a top notch Pharmacist.

Even if you have not digested the whole process you can drop us your query. We are available via our Contact page and Facebook | Twitter Google+ | 
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