MoH UAE Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists

2014 is finally here. So as the new season for exams, studies and licensing. Well, Welcome to a new year with prosperity and hope for success.

Being a Pharmacist is quite tough to see years passing by one by one. But each year we earn a lot more experience than last one. Many people excel and some waits to do so by the change of time.

Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists is now available. You can confirm it from the official website or at our website where we provide up-to-date information about Pharmacy exams. This new schedule comes from same planning and same pattern as previous ones. In short this is predictable schedule.

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Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists

Exam pattern to follow must be started from Arabic Exam followed by Scientific Exam if arabic exam is passed. Same goes for Law exam, it will be attempted once scientific exam is passed and result is announced by Hot Line or email.

Arabic Exam for Pharmacists > Scientific Exam for Pharmacists > Law Exam for Pharmacists

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Watch out for NCLEX-RN Competion on Khan Academy Online

This site is about Health Licensing Exams around the world and we are now starting to cover Nursing related news from all around the world. Today we would like to introduce you about one of the exciting competition from Khan Academy for NCLEX-RN (wikipedia) Students and instructors.

While returning from the hospital on a hectic day I was thinking about the new standards and the way we are lagging behind at many things. Where we are not learning these new things and recent advancements in our field. We are not upgrading our knowledge as we should. As we know Necessity is the mother of invention many ideas came and go but some ideas are worth implementation. Pondering over such an idea to continue the education just like Continuous Medication Education (CME) sessions we get. I realized there should be something similar about new trends beyond from the usual class learning tempo and with fun as well.

Khan Academy is such an organization working online to provide free education with video sessions, tutorials online. Subjects include from Computers, Mathematics, Science while their latest focus is now on Healthcare and Science. Khan Academy is currently running a competition for NCLEX-RN tutorial videos.

What about the NCLEX-RN Competion?
One can made an video tutorial for online audience about anything related to nursing subjects in decent format following the guidelines and requirements. Video will be uploaded for online audience where it will be judged on basis on compliance, comments and views.

Subjects or topics you can focus to teach such as Anaphylactic shock, Hypertension, Congestive heart failure, Stroke, Sickle cell anaemia, Iron-deficiency anaemia, Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, Emphysema are some of them.

One of the major competitor is Leslie from the popular YouTube channel "Interactive Biology" . Well we better listen to the CEO of Khan Academy as what he says about the competition online.

NCLEX-RN competition :

Complete guidelines can also be found on Khan Academy Competition page where you can learn how to make a tutorial video, tips for making NCLEX-RN questions and rules for eligibility.

Scientific Exam for Pharmacists: Study Guide, MCQ Questions,

Frankly speaking there is no definitive syllabus for Scientific Exam. But we need to design a course for ourselves to get through this exam. We have tried to design a solid syllabus to cover up most of the aspects of essentials of Pharmacy and its relevant studies. Do notice the break up of the syllabus as follows.

Study Guides / Preparation Guides
This is what we will updating one by one. How to get hold of all the essential information for your exam. We will upload previous papers, MCQ's, paper techniques, book materials, abstracts etc

Online Study Materials
Yep! there are several online health courses available. But major of them are not only bogus but will rob you off from your money and time. We will try our best not to mention all these and save your time.

Calculations for Essential Practice
It includes some of the important calculations for Pharmacists: Dosing adjustments, Infusion Rates, Important equations etc

Basic Concepts about Pharmacology: Covering up all the basic information, pharmacology equations, basic rules, concepts etc

Disease States with Major Organ Systems
Instead of going deep into the details of individual listed disease states along with major organ system we will be covering up in upcoming months. Do make notice of this course outline we will be reviewing for the exam. 
An addition all of these will be covered up in more detail. We will also try to support them with online available courses, notes, videos, pdf, power-point slides and any kind of study material we can use to help us out to this journey.
  • Immunology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatological
  • Endocrine
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Hematological
  • Liver
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Oncology
  • Pulmonary
  • Renal
  • Rheumatological
  • Urological
  • Women's Health
  • Toxicology
  • Drugs of Abuse
We are looking forward for your co-operation and feedback. Do let us know in Comments Below if we are missing on anything or you need anything.

Nursing and Midwifery Registration Procedures

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Dear all Nursing Peers!
Finally we have compiled a page for all the requirements, documents, attestations needed, experience needed for all of your fields. Now you can tally your needed requirements according to your area of specialization.

These requirements are as per published by Federal Department of Nursing, Ministry of United Arab Emirates.

Do let us know about your views about this one page bundle of all of the requirements needed for all levels nurses to work , in Ministry of Health, UAE. Which means if you are student nurse or qualified experience nurse or midwife from India, Pakistan, Iraq or from any of the countries. This one page is for you.

General Registration Information
Registration requirements are met when a nurse/midwife meets the applicable eligibility requirements, submit the Nursing Registration Application to the Federal Department of Nursing, MOH with all documents, passes an examination or meets the “exemption from examination “criteria, pays the fee [fifty (50) Dhs only] where applicable, and all required verifications have been received, reviewed to meet the standard and criteria of the Federal Department of Nursing. This applies to governmental and private sector.

Eligibility criteria:
  • Academic achievement: All Expatriate applicants who graduated from foreign Nursing programs must have graduated with a minimal attainment of sixty percent (60%) of total marks.
  • Nursing experience: All Expatriate applicants must have had at least one thousand (1000) hours experience within the three (3) years prior to applying for registration in the UAE.
  • Midwifery experience: All Expatriate applicants must have had at least one year experience within the three (3) years prior to applying for registration in the UAE.

Registration Criteria for Nursing Specialities:

Registered Nurse (RN):
Applicant should have at least a three (3) year diploma in nursing with a minimal attainment of sixty percent (60%) of total marks and after a twelve (12) years secondary school education.

Practical Nurse (PN):
Applicant should have one of the following:
a) A diploma in nursing of eighteen (18) months with a minimal attainment of (60%) of total marks after a12 years secondary school education
b) A three (3) year diploma in nursing with a minimal attainment of sixty percent
(60%) of total marks after intermediate education.

Registered Midwife (RM):
Applicant should have one of the following:
a) Twelve (12) secondary school education and eighteen (18) months qualification of
midwifery after a three year nursing program, with a minimal attainment of sixty
percent (60%) of total marks.
b) Twelve (12) secondary school education and at least a three (3) year diploma in
midwifery with a minimal attainment of sixty percent (60%) of total marks.

Practical Midwife (PM):
Twelve (12) secondary school education and diploma in midwifery of two (2) years duration with a minimal attainment of sixty percent (60%) of total marks.

Required Documents:
The originals or certified copies of each of the following:
moh uae nursing required documents
Nursing Requirement list
1. Passport including a valid UAE residence visa or other proof of legal stay in the UAE.
2. Statutory evidence of any name change (marriage license, other legal document).
3. School leaving Certificate (Highest level attained before entry to nursing or midwifery Education).
4. Nursing or Midwifery Education Certificate / Diploma / Degree- (length of education and academic achievement must be verified by means of official transcript if not clearly specified on Certificate / Diploma / Degree).
5. Nursing/Midwifery Licensure or Registration showing current validity

Nursing / Midwifery Registration Examinations:
The nursing and midwifery examination is held regularly during each year. A score of 60% is required to pass the two hours and a half (2 1/2) written examination of 100 multiple choice questions.

Completion of Registration Requirements:
Forms known as verifications (Verification of Education; Verification of license; Reference inquiry) will be made available to those who PASS the nursing examination or meet the exemption from examination criteria. The applicant mails the verification directly to the FDON.
The registration application is not complete until the FDON receives these verifications. The verifications must be received directly from the source only as stated clearly on each verification and must meet the standards and quality criteria set by the FDON. If the applicant meets the exemption from examination criteria; the verifications needed to complete registration will be given at the completion of the review of the application.

Repeated Examination Attempts:
An applicant not obtaining a passing score on the first attempt is allowed to sit the written examination twice more for a total of three times. Nurses will be charged for each examination for which they register. No refunds are made by the MOH for non-attendance or for any other reason. Applicants will be required to prove they meet all eligibility requirements at the time they apply to re-take the registration examination.

Examination Exemption Conditions:
UAE Nationals and Graduates of Institutes of Nursing are exempted from the examination. In addition Registered Nurses or Registered Midwives holding current valid nursing registration /licensure in certain countries as well as all nurses holding a Masters Degree in Nursing are exempted from the nursing examination if they have been actively employed in the field of nursing/midwifery in a clinical setting, nursing administration or nursing education for at least 1000 hours within the three years prior to application for registration in the UAE. This applies only to Registered Nurses or Midwives and not to Practical Nurses or Midwives. Those exempted from the written exam must meet all other criteria for registration.

NCLEX-RN Preparation and Competition:
NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. And If you are looking forward for preparing for NCLEX Exam soon you can take help from the KHAN Academy NCLEX Competition. Hint: Checkout the winners and learn along.

Scientific Exam for Pharmacists: Frequently Asked Questions

moh uae scientific exam
Image by - lippincottlibrary
I am a Pharmacist and would like to help out my peers with MoH UAE Scientific Exams. These exams are scheduled to be taken with a gap of couple of months each year. I will try to summarize most of the material and content in a guideline manner expanding to the respective areas of interests with helping links and citations.

Why Scientific Exam is Necessary for Pharmacists ?
Field of Pharmacy belongs to practical areas mainly. Being on the retail or Hospital pharmacy side, it includes a vigilant check on medicines before dispensing it into the hands of a consumer / patient. Medicines are prescribed from registered prescriber only all over the world except OTC medications which do not require any prescription but could be harmful for health in a way or other. This all includes a science behind its logic of prescribing, usage and getting treated.
To make these steps smooth Pharmacists plays an important role in healthcare industry. All over the world Ministry of Health departments make sure only competent, licensed degree holding professional Pharmacists are employed.
For this purpose they have devised some evaluating exams for us where they can judge the competencies based on the practices being carried out in their country. A Scientific text exams holds its value in healthcare to filter out the talent on merit.

What is the Test Format? and How to Apply?
To sit in a Scientific Exam one must clear Arabic Language Test first. A typical regular Scientific test in MoH Exam UAE is based on 100 questions. All questions are of MCQ in nature with 4 or 5 options. Minimum test score is not disclosed yet officially but candidates with 75% right answer are reported and observed to get through with this.
All Applying procedure for each of the test tests is available at this page only.

Syllabus for the Pharmacists Scientific Exam
Complete details can be found here.

Online Study / Preparation Guides
There are no any proper guides available to Pharmacists for preparation of scientific exams specially for UAE licensing exams. While you will find some scattered info, study guides all over the web with loads of irrelevant data.
We are keen here and working hard to be in a stage of presenting a full proof study guide for Pharmacists around the world for not only clearing the Scientific Exam but an extended help for other issues as well.

More Questions?
You can always us in our Comment Section below this post. We answer everything on time because we love to help you guide.

Nursing Exam Guide MoH, HAAD, Dubai UAE

Nurses are among the professions which have developed since ages. Now they are getting advance with pace of betterment and contributing a variety of services to health care. Role of nurses for betterment of health and healthcare is no hidden secret.

If you are a Nurse and searching for some guidance to take over the licensing exams of UAE. Then we are for your help. We are compiling each and every resource under one roof for all of our nurses colleagues.

UAE Licensing Exams for Nurses
Currently Nurses can choose among the following exams to work with in MoH UAE.
  • Ministry of UAE Licensing
  • HAAD
  • Dubai Health Authority
Aside from working in UAE Nurses can take tests to acquire the license of Canada, Australia, Malta, United Kingdom, America and other well developed countries. Ofcourse for better salaries and better working professionally.

Study Material for Nurses
If you are willing to get help on study material for nurses to clear these tests which are internationally based then you can write to us in comments for request of any type of material. We will be adding some nursing studies book reviews, study guides for nurses, easy to remember charts, facts of medications, tips by nurses for nurses, nurses interviews working in abroad. 

Jobs for Nurses in Gulf countries
We will be updating our nurses about the jobs and vacancies in all of the Gulf countries including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE regions, Kuwait etc

Join Us as a Nurse Blogger
If you are nurse and wish to join us as team member to helpout other nurses out there you can always join us by contacting us via our contact page.

Registration Process for Pharmacists, Assistants Pharmacists

This page contains information for Registration Procedure for MOH UAE Website Online Portal.

Hello fellow readers and visitors. I hope you are all right and enjoying your jobs and preparations for the upcoming MOH Exams for UAE, DHA, HAAD or Prometric Exams. We wish you happy licensing journey.

Let us update you about the current status of MoH UAE application process and their approval criteria.
A Pharmacist who is willing to get license for working as Pharmacist or Assistant Pharmacist in Emirates would have to follow the following steps.
Do check  Pharmacists MoH UAE Exams Schedule to plan your papers and visits to Dubai.
  1. Make an account on official MoH UAE Website.
  2. Upload all documents.
  3. Submit the fees.
  4. Submit the application.
  5. Wait for an email from the Data Flow Company for PSV Fees. Don't forget to check Data Flow page from our website.
  6. Pay Data Flow fees on their given link.
  7. Now send an email to Dr. Layla or MoH UAE for confirmation of your seat in any of the upcoming exam.
  8. Once you get the confirmation email or Hall Ticket. Get a print of all the emails, Hall Ticket, replies from Data Flow, Ministry, Fees receipts, Fees submission confirmations etc.
  9. Appear one hour before the test at Al-Owais Hall MoH, UAE.
  10. Produce all the documents to the examiners available over there to let you sit in the exam.
We hope you will follow these instructions strictly. You can also ask any questions about any step if any confusion is there. We would surely like to help you all.