Dr. Jumana Al-Salloum, a Clinical Preceptor at the Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy, achieved the esteemed “Clinical Pharmacist” designation from the UAE Ministry of Health.

This recognition was earned upon successfully passing the Clinical Pharmacy license exam and interview on October 22, 2020.

Her accomplishment comes after dedicating two years to clinical pharmacy practice within a hospital setting, building on the foundation of her undergraduate GMU PharmD degree.

Dr. Al-Salloum expressed immense joy at reaching this significant milestone in his professional and academic journey. She emphasized his gratitude towards his mentors and colleagues at GMU and the College of Pharmacy, highlighting their guidance, support, and care. She eagerly anticipates making a meaningful contribution to the pharmacy profession, giving back to her students and the broader community of pharmacists, and ensuring optimal care for his patients.

gulf medical university clinical pharmacist Dr. Jumana Al Salloum

Who is a Clinical Pharmacist?

Clinical pharmacy is a field of Pharmacy studies. A clinical pharmacist is a specialist who ensures the safe, appropriate, and economical use of medications in a variety of practice settings, with an emphasis on direct patient care.

You can also become a clinical pharmacist if you have done your BCPS and you are a registered pharmacist in UAE.

Gulf Medical University’s Dean Message

The Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof. Sherief Khalifa, expressed his anticipation for a future where all Colleges of Pharmacy in the UAE provide the PharmD degree for entry into the pharmacy profession. This ensures that every pharmacist in the country starts their professional journey fully competent in clinical pharmacy roles and capable of engaging in interprofessional collaborative practice, ultimately delivering the highest standards of care for their patients.

Gulf Medical Universitys Dean Message

Prof. Sherief Khalifa

Congratulations to Gulf Medical University and Dr. Jumana Al-Salloum on becoming a clinical pharmacist in UAE.

Article source: Gulf Medical Univ

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