It all started one day while I was scrolling through LinkedIn and came across a post about career opportunities for a Kerala Nurse in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai had always fascinated me, and the thought of advancing my career there was appealing.

It took some time to make the decision and start the DHA process.

Kerala Nurse to Dubai – A Journey

At the time, I was settled in my role as a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in Kerala, India. But you know what they say, the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward.

Gradually, I started gathering the necessary requirements for the nursing license application, which was quite exhausting as some essential documents were elusive.

Nevertheless, I persevered, meticulously documenting every paper and certificate.

The Primary Source Verification (PSV) process was no easy task; it demanded significant effort and time to ensure all documents were in order. After nearly three months of patience and relentless follow-ups, my case was marked as POSITIVE.

I had already resigned as a Kerala Nurse in India and moved to Dubai with my wife to prepare and fully focus on the Prometric exam. As my confidence grew, I braved the exam, a two-hour MCQ session predominantly composed of situation-based questions. Ten days later, I received the Prometric status: PASS. A significant milestone was achieved!

Kerala nurse in Dubai

Unfortunately, DHA doesn’t reveal the exam score, making patience an even more crucial virtue. It’s like a video game, progressing through levels with each achievement. Another two weeks passed before I received my DHA eligibility letter.

I share my journey with everyone to provide insight into the process. The road ahead is long, but determination has brought me this far, unlocking milestones one by one. I’ll detail the required documents and fees below, hoping it proves helpful for newcomers.

The entire journey from being a Kerala Nurse to a Nurse in Dubai took about six months, though the timeline may vary for different individuals.

Documents Required for Nursing Application in Dubai

Here is al ist of all the documents to start with

  • Passport copy
  • White background photo
  • Original Pass certificate
  • Marksheets/Transcript
  • BLS certificate (AHA/ASHI certified)
  • Good Standing certificate
  • SSLC certificate
  • HSLC certificate
  • Kerala Nursing Council certificate
  • Experience letters from Kerala Hospitals

Fees I paid for Nursing Registration in Dubai:

  • PSV fee: 1000 AED
  • Prometric fee: 950 AED
  • DHA registration fee: 220 AED

(Note: Fees may vary)

Some Tips for a Kerala Nurse in Dubai (Moving for a Job)

  • Take some time to understand how nursing works in Dubai – you will find a lot of differences between a nurse from Kerala and nursing working in Dubai.
  • Make sure you have all the correct nursing licenses and permissions to work as a nurse in Dubai. This is like getting the green light to do your job.
  • Learn how people in Dubai generally act and what they consider polite or impolite.
  • Since English is the main language used in hospitals and daily life in Dubai, it’s a good idea to improve your English skills.
  • Learn what’s expected of you as a professional nurse in Dubai.
  • Proper dress, being on time, and how to care for patients properly.
  • Meet and make nursing friends in Dubai. Keralite nurses in Dubai can give you advice and support, which is great for your career.
  • Keep learning about the newest things happening in Nursing. It helps you give the best nursing care to your patients.
  • As a nurse always think about what’s best for your patients.
  • Look for chances to learn more and get better at your job. This can be workshops, meetings, or classes to improve what you already know from your experience in Kerala as a nurse.
  • Always use official portals.

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