Healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses etc) looking to work in Dubai, UAE need a professional license. To do so you need to pass the Dubai Health Authority exam and get officially registered to work in Dubai, UAE.

New Update: Dubai has launched a new short-term 3-month permit to practice.

To start your application get ready to take the Dubai medical licensing exam (DHA Exam is for Dubai) with the following documents and requirements.

  • documents required
  • professional certificates required
  • passport requirements
  • and job professional requirements.
  • a detailed fee structure

Professions other than doctors, and nurses are included in Allied Health workers from Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Check this list of Allied Professions (Pharmacists, Radiologists) to ensure you are already on the list.

DHA License Requirements

For a DHA License, the DHA has listed Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) which covers nationally accredited Educational Qualifications.

Below is the complete list,

  • Official Educational transcript(s)
  • Recent professional experience based on DHA PQR criteria
  • Log Book for the recent last 2 years for surgical specialities stamped and signed by the Medical Director or authorized person of the healthcare facility
  • Valid professional License/Registration from country of last employment
  • Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than 6 months.
  • Medical fitness test (if applicant’s age was 65 and above), and the test should be conducted only by medical fitness centres at DHA
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Passport size photograph

Note: PSV stands for primary source verification and means that all the documents required for licensure shall be verified directly from the original or primary source.

Assessment Requirements

dha license fees

Healthcare professionals are required to pass the DHA assessment to obtain a professional license. This assessment shall depend on the healthcare professional’s title and may include but not be limited to written or oral tests

Note: for oral assessment, payment must be done within 2 hours. Otherwise, the selection assessment date will be cancelled and the Prometric assessment (CBT) eligibility number will be valid for 3 months after the PSV payment.

Post-Assessment Requirements

Offer letter from recruiting facility including the professional title, facility stamp and signature of Medical Director or authorized person.

Malpractice Insurance from recruiting facility.

Note: The applicant must ensure that the facility he is opting to work for his/her speciality is listed and licensed by DHA.

dha exam fees medical health professionals

An overview of the DHA license fees required for obtaining a new DHA license.

DHA License fees in Dhs, India (INR), Pakistan (PKR), and Philippines (Peso).

ServiceFEES (AED)FEES (INR)FEES (PKR)FESS (Philippine Peso)
Initial DHA Exam FeesAED 220₹4,979PKR 9,080₱ 13,063
Primary Source Verification (PSV) – (Complete guide on DataFlow)
Physicians/DentistAED 1235₹27,858PKR 51,107₱ 80,055
Nurses & Allied HealthAED 935₹21,195PKR 38,726₱ 60,746
Extra DocumentAED 300₹6,789PKR 12,406₱ 19,634


Oral (Normal)FEES (AED)FEES (INR)FEES (PKR)FEES (Philippine Peso)
Physicians/DentistAED 520₹11,695PKR 21,289₱ 32,103
Nurses & Allied HealthAED 270₹6,131PKR 11,105₱ 17,258

Prometric DHA Fees

Physicians$ 210AED 772₹ 17457PKR 58629₱ 11736
Dentist$ 210AED 772₹ 17457PKR 58629₱ 11736
Nurses & Allied Health$ 170AED 625₹ 14132PKR 47461₱ 9501

DHA License Fees – Latest Updated 2024

Let’s check the latest updated as of 2024 fees from DHA for medical professionals and health workers.

Nurse and Midwife, Allied Health (Pharmacists etc), Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Full-time License Fees$ 3673AED 1000₹ 305310PKR 1025408₱ 205258
Part-time License Fees$ 14692AED 4000₹ 1221239PKR 4101630₱ 821033
Trainee License Fees$ 3673AED 1000₹ 305310PKR 1025408₱ 205258
Convert to Full-time Fees$ 735AED 200₹ 61062PKR 205082₱ 41052

Physicians and Dentists (Full-time license or Part-time license DHA Exam fees)

Physicians = general practitioners

Full-time License Fees$ 11019AED 3000₹ 915929PKR 3076223₱ 615775
Part-time License Fees$ 14692AED 4000₹ 1221239PKR 4101630₱ 821033
Trainee License Fees$ 11019AED 3000₹ 915929PKR 3076223₱ 615775
Convert to Full-time Fees$ 735AED 200₹ 61062PKR 205082₱ 41052

Home Delivery fees

Physicians, Dentist, Nurses & Allied Health AED 20 payable cash upon delivery.


  • Credentialing (application review): 2-4 weeks
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV): It will be processed 48 hours after payment.


  • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on Prometric assessment schedule
  • Oral Exam or Assessment: based on the DHA assessment schedule

Upload labour card and Insurance

A labour card will be provided by the employer.

  • In 5 working days after application submission
  • Issue license: 2 working days
  1. Aesthetic/Beauty Therapy
  2. Allied Health Technician Title Qualifications Experience
  3. Anesthesia
  4. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
  5. Audiology
  6. Cardiac Perfusion
  7. Cardiovascular Technology
  8. Cast Technology
  9. Central Sterile Services (CSS)
  10. Clinical Dietetics And Nutrition
  11. Dental Clinical Support
  12. Elearo-Neurodiagnostics
  13. Emergency Medical Services
  14. Forensics Allied Health
  15. Genetic Counseling
  16. Hair Transplant
  17. Health Education
  18. Laser Hair Reduction Therapy
  19. Medical Imaging
  20. Medical Laboratory
  21. Medical Physics
  22. Occupational Therapy
  23. Operation Theatre Technology
  24. Optometry
  25. Pharmacy
  26. Physician Assistants
  27. Physiotherapy
  28. Podiatry
  29. Prosthetics And Orthotics
  30. Psychology
  31. Public Health
  32. Radiation Therapy
  33. Renal Dialysis
  34. Respiratory Therapy
  35. Social Worker
  36. Speech
  37. Therapy Toxicology

These details are taken from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website available. It is for educational purposes only.

Doctor’s 3-month short-term permit to practice

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced this during the Arab Health Congress 2024. Dubai’s hospitals and clinics will be able to get specialist help quickly, especially in emergencies. This special permit allows doctors from other places to work in Dubai for a short time.

Frequency Asked Questions

What is Data Flow?

It’s a mandatory license required for healthcare professionals who wish to practice legally within the Emirate of Dubai. It’s issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Who is an Allied Health Worker?

Allied Health Workers are important healthcare team members, like physical therapists, radiologic techs, and dietitians. They’re not doctors or nurses but help with patient care in different ways, such as therapy, imaging, and nutrition. Their roles vary, but they all contribute to providing comprehensive healthcare.

How much are the DHA license fees?

We have provided a detailed table of all exam fees for DHA (Dubai Health Authority) for Pharmacists, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists & other professions. Check the full DHA Exam Fees Table.

More Questions?

Drop your questions in the comments, we answer all of your questions.


    1. Hello Kiana,
      You need to start with basic requirements to check if are you eligible to sit in the exam. If you are eligible for the exam make sure all the documents required are available with you. Start your Dataflow process, get your PSV and then apply for the DHA exam. All details are provided on this page in detail with fee structure.

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