Nursing MoH UAE Exams

Finally here are MoH Exam News we are adding a dedicated page and section for Nurses. We will be posting all the details relevant to the Nursing MoH Exams in UAE and other countries. Aside from UAE and its states there are some other countries who likes to invite qualified nurses either fresh or having some experience in developing countries.

Scope of Nurses working all around the world in quite bright. There are some hefty opportunities all across the globe which is a good hope for healthcare.
But if you are a Pharmacist and mistakenly landed on this page then you can check relevant details here.

What really MoH UAE Official Website says about Nursing Exams?
We have tried to collect as many information from our resources. While verifying it we observed the official website for MOH UAE Nursing Exams have all updated information.
We are providing the same full information here as well for ease of finding and easy to collect facts for interested candidates.

  • Registration renewal
  • Registration verification
  • Applying for evaluation 
  • Applying for recruitment 
  • Updating continuous education records
  • Online payment
Documents Requirements
Yesterday we got an email from a Nurse asking for details and documents which are required to appear in MOH Nursing Exams. We replied them with the link of this page but she was not happy as she wanted a concise way to understand all the process in more simpler way. We replied with why not ! We are here to help us our friends in Nursing. 

Nursing and Midwifery Registration Procedures for MOH, UAE contains all information about requirements for a Nurse to take exam in UAE Ministry.

Documents Verification
All of the documents provided by applicants are needed to be verified from the issuing authorities. For this purpose Ministry of UAE acquire services of third party to get done with this verification process in a hassle free manner. Right now third party verification body is Data Flow. It is an Indian based company which helps Ministry in UAE for verification of all the documents across the borders. 

Make sure all of the uploaded documents are 
  • Properly attested from issuing authorities
  • Clearly scanned.
  • File size should be small ( to easily attach and send. to easily upload and view-able )
  • Properly view-able while opened.
  • Printable.
Data Flow Help Page - We have tried to answer all the questions about Data Flow verification services by collection FAQ and common questions of worried applicants.

All other information will be updated soon on this page for Nursing staff time by time.

Moh UAE Contact Details: If you are searching for Minsitry of Health, UAE contact number any other contact details of Moh UAE you simply visit the official website www.moh.gov.ae or call hotline of UAE Moh 800-111-11


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