Dubai in One Day - Medical Tourism Package by Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) introduced "Dubai in One Day," a cutting-edge medical tourism package geared toward patients from outside.

The newest health initiative from the DHA, unveiled at Arab Health 2023, intends to make it easier for foreign patients to schedule treatments and use a variety of tourism services quickly.

Director of the DHA's Health Tourism Division Mohamed Al Mheiri stated: "We are participating to highlight our most recent project, 'Dubai in one day,' which encourages preventative health checks that may be provided in one day for two to six hours. People in our target demographic, who range in age from 25 to 50, come from our neighbouring nations.

He clarified that the pricing was chosen in consideration of other competing locations.

"The purpose is to emphasize that Dubai offers comparable services. We also have various clinics and hospitals that offer procedures that may be completed in a single day in Dubai, including rental services and commodity services. The tourist ecology will benefit from this, and the sector will grow.

Al Mheiri clarified the associated expenses for medical tourists, saying: "The standard exam is Dh800, the executive pricing is Dh1,400, and the full checkup costs Dh4,900 for men and Dh3,300 for women.

In addition to the one-day service, it may be scheduled on the DHA website, which will connect a patient to the healthcare institution that offers the service. "The privacy aspect is really important whenever we talk about healthcare professionals. That is the rationale behind guiding patients to medical institutions, he continued.

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