If are you interested in becoming a Pharmacist and seeking information about becoming a Pharmacist then this is the perfect place to start.

Spending more than 10 years in the pharmacy field as a pharmacist including hospital pharmacist, retail pharmacist, and medicine manufacturing (Industrial side of pharmacy) as well as holding a position as a consultant pharmacist has given me quite a clear understanding of pharmacy career, its starting programs and what it really takes to become a Pharmacist.

According to a recent survey, 37% of pharmacist were seen as somewhat satisfied by their selection of Pharmacy as a future career.

Where final results reflected the most easily recognizable perception of community pharmacy was changing while the hospital and industrial area was tagged as competitive and researched base.

More people wanted to be community pharmacists followed by hospital pharmacies.

Pharmacist in beginning

You will need to make a decision as to what type of pharmacist you want to be. The whole pharmacy field can be divided into four main branches.

  • Those who care
  • Those who sale
  • Those who prepare
  • Those who make pharmacists

Those Who Care

These kinds of pharmacists are available in hospital and clinical settings. They receive prescriptions either online or manually written on a piece of paper for an ill patient.

They are challenged to justify these medicines according to the condition of the patient, long-term benefits, disadvantages and some other deep pharmacy science.

Including checking interactions of medicines with each other if taken together, or with food or sometimes some active ingredients are not suitable for specific races (scientifically) and they are more prone to some danger.

Caring Pharmacists from third-world countries try to be an expat in other countries and mostly looks forward to opportunities by simply obtaining a foreign pharmacy license. The majority prefer the UAE.

Those Who Sale

These people are found in either medical stores in third-world countries, Pharmacies in first-world countries and as medical representatives.

All of them in one way or another are pushing items of their sale target to doctors (in third world countries only)  or in retail they prefer to sell more to rich customers.

Those who stand in shops, medical stores or pharmacies provide medicines to people for their betterment.

Internationally there are a lot of opportunities available for a Pharmacist to work as a Retail Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist or seek a good salary pharmacist job.

Those Who Prepare

These are quite artistic kinds of people and are mostly found in multinational firms manufacturing big batches of medicines. But initially, you will see them taking more interest in laboratories during pharmacy programs.

They are called somewhat experts in understanding chemical reactions. In contrast to this expertness, many of them end up in following some specific recipes of products from an SOP in an MNC firm.

Only a few found their way towards the Research and Development Department where every expert needs to work.

Those Who Train

By teaching, educating, and grooming them as real pharmacists. Have you ever seen people being surprised to see you pronouncing so many difficult names while you take a second to show off your skills? Well, this is what your teachers do and they are basically pharmacists themselves.

Although all of these designations come with highs and lows affected by ground realities.

But you will mostly listen to people tagging you as a person who just wanted to do something in medicine or simply some will not hesitate to let you know that you once ditched medical school.

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