Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH

So you have got your DHA eligibility letter after passing the exam! Congratulations and welcome to Dubai. Being a DHA passed candidate now you have to get a job first to secure your future and support your other requirements i.e. just like conversion of your license to HAAD or MOH.
Recently we were updating our friends about the new process of unification of licenses in UAE and how to make full use of it. Some of the new DHA passed candidates are asking how to convert DHA Eligibility letter to HAAD or MOH. So we have decided to provide some information regarding this question in a concise and proper manner. Because on internet there are many rumors, non confirmed news revolving around to only confuse your and provoking you for a wrong step.

New candidates can checkout how to get DHA license for your medical specialty by reading this help article.

We recommend everyone specially DHA passed candidates to clear all the confusions by simply calling the DHA number which is 800-DHA. We are not in any way linked with MOH, HAAD or DHA.

Process to Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH
The process is same as we have explained in detail in this article. But for now we assume that you have recently passed your DHA and got your Eligibility letter in your email.

What is a DHA Eligibility Letter?
It is a confirmation that you have passed your DHA Licensing exam and you can be appointed on a job within Dubai. Make sure you understand this statement as many people ask how can you work with DHA in Abu Dhabhi and other states of UAE. So this letter is the confirmation and authorization that you can work in Dubai only.

To find a job you can search online portals, newspapers, mobile apps specially advertised jobs for DHA passed candidates. Or you can also create an advert for yourself to get a job explaining your skills but this way is not highly recommended. Although you can try some special keywords to find job more easily, so you can try these DHA dubai jobs, dha passed pharmacist jobs, dha nursing jobs etc

What next towards HAAD or MOH license conversion?
Now you have to activate your current license with the eligibility letter. For this you have to upload following documents and pay a fees of 1010 aed online with credit card.

  • Labor Card or Job Offer Letter
  • Malpractice Insurance Letter
  • Fees 1010 aed
These documents are given by your company when you are selected for a job. Some companies in UAE have a different way to do it to make it easy for new employee. They ask for your login ID and password and they do the rest of the stuff for you

When you get your DHA License which is posted by Zajeel mail on a address provided by you. Now you are ready to get your license convert to HAAD / MOH.

I hope this will help all our friends who are searching for this question or need help. You can ask us about anything regarding it on our Facebook Page or simply comment below so that we can help you as fast as we can. Cheers!


  1. To convert DHA licence to MOH, It should be necessary to work for a period of 6 months in Dubai?
    There no more options to convert DHA to MOH peoples who are working less than 6 months?

  2. But if the company that is hiring me is placed in Abu Dhabi then how can I upload the required job offer letter to get the eligibility converted to license?

  3. Can i convert my MOH evaluation letter to DHA ?

  4. Thank you this was very informative. Could you elaborate on the next step in conversion from DHA license to MOH or HAAD licence for specialist?
    Is there a minimum work period before applying for conversion?

  5. I have DHA license where mode of study is Distance learning .
    Can I apply for DOH eligibility


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