How to Convert or Transfer DHA License to HAAD?

We all know about the unification of Medical licenses in UAE was finalized and started this year. It is a good news for medical professionals about the Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). It is an agreement signed where a medical professional will be able to convert or transfer medical license from one issuing authority to another. i.e. like from DHA to HAAD etc. In a nutshell this change is to revive the recognition of medical licenses of health care professionals across the region.

Things are getting simpler but still some questions are asked on how to convert DHA license to HAAD, where to start the conversion process? what are the requirements for transfer of license, what is the fees, how many days are needed to complete this whole process of transfer?. You will find the answers of these questions as we are providing this information to those who can get benefit from this memorandum.

Things to remember first
This step is quite important before you start the procedure to convert DHA License to HAAD. As you can't start your procedure just after passing your DHA Exam. First you have to be on a job with DHA License. Secondly, you should spend at least 6 months on the job. And fulfill the requirements needed for the transfer.

Step by Step Procedure

First your would need a Good Standing certificate. It will cost 510 aed for normal process and it is available from your DHA account. If you need it urgent fees will be 1010 aed ( 2 -3 working days). Payment is done online and using a credit card.

  • Create account on Data Flow HAAD section  (http://www.dataflowgroup.com/haad/login.aspx). Fill up the profile and upload all necessary documents required. 
  • You should have your data flow report from DHA which is available in DHA account under the section of PSV. If you don't have this report you can always request it by sending an email to dha@dataflowgroup.com.
  • If you don't have any sponsor upto now you can simply put in self-applicant. Process will be quite simple if you have you have a sponsor at this stage.
  • Now you should expect a Payment notification from HAAD Data Flow. As you have PSV report with you already, you can send them back your PSV report to their email and wait for the next step
  • As a next step HAAD will send you an email with your login details and direct link to HAAD website. Now login with the details sent to you into the online HAAD portal. Now upload and fill up again all necessary documents needed. Wait for their email or you can always check the status of application submitted in your HAAD account

We have tried our best to get you through the process to convert DHA License to HAAD license easily. Even if you need our assitance and any help at any stage you can always contact us for helping you our to transfer your DHA license to HAAD license easily.

This process to convert DHA license to HAAD is more or less similar for most of the medical fields including Pharmacists, Assistant Pharmacists, Nursing, Radiologists, Dentists etc. Since this DHA and HAAD agreement things are getting simpler. It will open doors for more jobs in recent future. Many candidates and health professionals also wish to unify the examination process of DHA, HAAD and MOH Uae.

HAAD stands for Health Authority of Abu Dhabi; DHA stands for Dubai Health Authority; Data Flow is a third party hired by MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA for verification of your documents from their original issuers; PSV stands for primary source verification; 


  1. my friend has been working under MOH Since 6years . Will she able to convert her license to DOH ( HAAD ) if she get a job in abudabi . she failed in haad exam in 2013 ( attempted only once )

  2. Can i convert my MOH evaluation letter to DHA

  3. Can i convert my MOH evaluation letter to DHA ?

    1. Yes she can convert from DOH to DHA and DHA to DOH.

  4. Hi, when I came to uae I applied for both HAAD AND DHA DATAFLOW.I have already dataflow report from HAAD. BUT I have DHA license. Now I got offer in Alain. So can I convert my license to HAAD with same dataflow, which is from 2014.presently I am working in Dubai.

  5. What about converting license from MOH to HAAD?

  6. First I have appeared for Haad exam in 2018 and two times in 2019 I failed 3 attempts.
    In 2020 I have written Dha exam and passed I worked in Dubai and my DHA license activated. With 6 months active DHA license .
    After one year 6 months in july 2021 I applied again in DOH for the transfer of DHA into DOH.
    But my request for the transfer of license rejected.

    How I will get license what is the other process to apply.
    Will I get license or not.

    1. You can right an email to authorities to know exact reason.


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