MoH UAE Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists

dubai pharmacists exam schedule 2014

2014 is finally here. So as the new season for exams, studies and licensing. Well, Welcome to a new year with prosperity and hope for success.

Being a Pharmacist is quite tough to see years passing by one by one. But each year we earn a lot more experience than last one. Many people excel and some wait to do so by the change of time.

Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists is now available. You can confirm it from the official website or at our website where we provide up-to-date information about Pharmacy exams. This new schedule comes from the same planning and the same pattern as previous ones. In short, this is a predictable schedule.

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Exam Schedule 2014 for Pharmacists and Assistant Pharmacists

The exam pattern must start from the Arabic Exam followed by the Scientific Exam if the Arabic exam is passed. The same goes for the Law exam, it will be attempted once the scientific exam is passed and the result is announced by Hot Line or email.

Arabic Exam for Pharmacists > Scientific Exam for Pharmacists > Law Exam for Pharmacists

moh exam schedule 2014 pharmacists

We hope you get a chance to attempt all of these MOH UAE exams in one go with flying colours. For more updates and quick questions don’t comment below.