Norway for Pharmacists Career Guide

If you are a Pharmacist and looking for applying to Norway as a Pharmacist stay tuned we will be providing all the necessary information in this regard.

norway pharmacy guid

Pharmacist license in Norway

All the applications for pharmacists to work in Norway are governed by one central health body. It is responsible for all healthcare sector licensing which is Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The application process is called authorization which is a letter issued to applying pharmacist. We will be posting all the details of requirements, and documents required and frequently ask questions to apply.

The authorization letter is the preliminary Norway pharmacist license which is valid for all regions.

Pharmacist salary in Norway

A pharmacist is paid much better in Norway than any other place in the world considering the benefits attached to your job.

In Norway, the average salary for a pharmacist is about 777,000 NOK per year. The lowest salary is 358,000 NOK, and the highest is 1,240,000 NOK (highest). This is the typical annual pay after housing, transportation, and other amenities. [1]

Many experts names Norway the best country for pharmacist immigration.

Language Requirement for Pharmacists (Norway)

There is a language requirement for Pharmacists. Full license to get a job in Norway is provided after securing a satisfactory level of Norwegian language. 

It is advised to begin studying the language as soon as possible if you intend to work in Norway. Working in pharmacies in Norway typically requires a high level of Norwegian language proficiency.

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