There is no declared syllabus for the DHA Scientific Exam. Students need to design a course for themselves to get through this exam. In this guide, we have tried to design a comprehensive syllabus to cover most of the aspects of the essentials of Pharmacy and its relevant studies.

Do notice the breakdown of the syllabus as follows.

What is the format of the Pharmacist exam in DHA?

According to the latest information, the pattern or format of the DHA Pharmacist exam consists of 150 Multiple-choice questions. This test is computer-based.

  • Pharmacology – 50 Questions
  • Case studies or test cases – 40 Questions
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations – 60 Questions

The passing rate for the exam is 60%. Participants are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts. Exam centres are accessible worldwide.

DHA Exam Syllabus for Pharmacists

  • Pharmaceutical Care and Disease State Management – 35%
  • Pharmacy Calculation and Compounding – 15%
  • Over the Counter Medication – 10%
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics – 10%
  • Toxico​logy – 5%
  • Pregnancy and Lactation – 5%
  • Pediatrics – 5%
  • Geriatrics – 5%
  • Pharmacokinetics – 5%
  • Medication Safety – 5%

What is the Duration of the Pharmacist License exam (DHA)?

This test duration is 2.5 Hours (150 Minutes). The full exam is a computer-based MCQ exam.

How to prepare for the DHA pharmacist exam?

As a Pharmacist, you should expect all questions from pharmacy subjects. Here are 6 quick steps to get you ready for the DHA pharmacist exam.

  1. Begin with a detailed understanding of the DHA exam pattern and syllabus.
  2. Focus on comprehensive knowledge of Pharmacy Calculation and Compounding.
  3. Review the summaries & concepts of Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Toxicology.
  4. Use mnemonic techniques to remember drug classifications and properties.
  5. Take simulated mock tests to assess your readiness and identify weak areas.
  6. Review important guidelines regarding Medication Safety and Pharmacy Ethics.

Once you are ready check DHA exam fees & book your exam online.

DHA Exam Study Material Available to Download Online!

Take care if you are downloading available material online based on previous questions, study plans, and pharmacy MCQ banks. All of these can be random and can easily waste your time.

Study Guides / Preparation Guides – This is what we will update one by one. How to get hold of all the essential information for your exam. We will upload previous papers, MCQs, paper techniques, book materials, abstracts etc

Online Study Materials – There are several online health courses available. But major of them are not only bogus but will rob you of your money and time. We will try our best not to mention all these and save you time.

Calculations for Essential Practice It includes some of the important calculations for Pharmacists: Dosing adjustments, Infusion Rates, Important equations etc

Basic Concepts about Pharmacology: Covering up all the basic information, pharmacology equations, basic rules, concepts etc

Disease States with Major Organ Systems Instead of going deep into the details of individual listed disease states along with major organ systems we will be covering up in upcoming months. Do make notice of this course outline we will be reviewing for the exam. In addition, all of these will be covered in more detail.

Final Thoughts for DHA Scientific Exam Preparation

The DHA exam for pharmacists is not difficult if you grab the basics. It is easier for new graduates of Pharmacy. Working hard is the key to success. Make a schedule and start preparing.

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